It’s been so long! My sincerest apologies and thanks for not totally giving up. Turns out a failing hard drive and broken SATA cable don’t make for a running computer. Luckily for me, it crashed the Tuesday of reading week and I got it back the Monday after finals. However, we made it, my generous friends got me through group projects, and I learned to depend on one less piece of technology.

In other news…

I’m running again! It’s official! Took eight weeks but I was cleared about a week and a half ago, and have been progressing my training on the Alter G treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, and my own two feet.

The comeback is never easy. It’s something I’ve had to go through more times than I ever wanted to in college, and it’s tough every time. It’s been almost laughable recently, how foreign my own legs feel and how an eight-minute mile knocks the wind out of me. I’ve been doing circuits with our middle distance girls, and completely got my ass kicked. Those girls are so tough. I am working on keeping up.

I’ve also been working with Dr. John Ball out of Chandler, AZ, in hopes of diagnosing the “why” of my pelvic region stress fractures and preventing further injury. We worked on stretches, I suffered through ART therapy, slept through some electrical therapy on the long adductors of my right leg, and will hopefully be a healthier athlete because of these appointments. I call him the “magic doctor”, he insists he doesn’t do anything that magical.

Graduation was this last weekend, and I got to watch some of my best friends, former teammates, and my boyfriend all earn college degrees. The feeling was bittersweet as I cheered and clapped and insisted on pictures with everyone. One teammate in particular is going to be especially difficult for me to say goodbye to. Mel was the first girl I ran with when I came to college in August 2013, and she’s headed back to Australia. I know the heartache and sadness I feel is selfish compared to how excited I am that she’s found a current life plan, but I can’t help it. She’s my best friend and I already miss her. I’m so proud of her and what she’s achieved in the states.

Summer is something I’m very much looking forward to; I’m back into training, started a part-time job and get to see my family in a few months. When outdoor conference ends (as Women’s Big Sky Champions!!), cross country begins. I had to give up my outdoor season, but I’ve got a new lease on the fall. With patience and diligence I think I’ll be okay, hopefully even excel. I’ve also got plenty of adventures with my boyfriend and his crew to look forward to, and so many open ends and unknowns it’s a little overwhelming. I’m not great with the uncertainty of life, but I’m learning.

Sorry for all the time off, thanks for checking the quick update, I’ll be back soon!


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