Where to start! It has been such a busy and exciting last few weeks. I’m working a bunch, moved into a new house, my training is slowly moving back up and I’m working on consistency, and just started an online summer class. I may have said “yes” to too many things in May, and I was feeling like I had overdone it for myself. Luckily, I had one of the most incredible weekends I think ever and I feel like someone hit the “reset” button and I’m good to go.

This last weekend Sean and I went to Zion National Park for the first time ever. We wanted to get out of town and take a quick trip; it’s kind of amazing to realize how many great places are just around Flagstaff. We’ve got California a day trip away, Zion, Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and so many other options. We chose to camp in the Bryce Zion Campground and spend our days exploring Zion, and I can honestly say I’ll never forget this weekend.


We hiked Angels Landing and the Narrows, made great friends with our camping neighbors who are from France, saw wildlife and made friends with the local campground horses, ate like royalty over a campfire, met a great barista in his self-owned rock shop outside of Glendale, and probably took over 200 pictures. Traveling can be difficult for me because of the schedule I like to be on for training purposes. There is method to a consistent schedule that might feel monotonous, but is so intentional in recovery and growth. Traveling and going new places does have the potential to throw off said schedule: however, it is summer. It’s summer in Arizona, we had a free weekend, and we took it. The stickers and coffee mugs I got to commemorate the trip are nothing compared to the footage and pictures and sheer experience of what we got to see and hear. So many times we would just stop and look, simply feeling the earth and rocks and trees around us teeming with life and peacefulness. Even with the other thousands of people who were at the park with us, we each had our own experience and were able to enjoy and appreciate what was around us.

Back in Flagstaff now feels a little slow, a little too like reality; I’m back to work and looking forward to getting going with training. But even on my run this morning, I felt light and comfortable. The trees glowed and the sun was in full force. I had read through a summer training email from my coach and was so excited for what I know is coming up, even after coming off such an incredible weekend. I think it is so important to appreciate the little (but important) parts of the process right around you, and equally as important to throw yourself into some of the most awe-inspiring places in the world. I’m so happy I’ve got a great travel buddy, and I can’t wait to keep exploring and can’t wait to keep getting more fit.

Take time for yourself. Take an hour, a day, a weekend. Reset until you are ready to appreciate where you are at in life. “Peace, love, and positivity.” –Logic


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